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Geek in the Creek

Meet Ian Hunt of Geek in the Creek Technology Services.

Ian’s been servicing computers on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years. Geek in the Creek can help you with your PC, Mac, or smartphone. It also provides business services like server maintenance and point-of-sale set-up.

Ian started his career in IT working for other companies and then as a part-time sideline. Since January 2017, he’s been doing it on a nearly full-time basis again. He likes it when he’s able to help people see that technology isn’t as scary as they originally thought it was, and how it can be a useful tool in their lives.

His favourite part of living on the Sunshine Coast is the abundance of wilderness. Much of his time is spent raising his daughter and he also spends a lot of time hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Visit his website at for a list of the services Ian offers. Or see Ian in Roberts Creek next to Ambrosia Organic Living on Roberts Creek Road.

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