Seawalk, spider, & daytrip to Vancouver

Val's Vlog #06

Sea walk in Lower Gibsons

Once I’m out walking, I’m reminded how it calms me. Walking puts my mind in a better state. I feel better mentally and physically. A feel-good walk can just be in your neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be anywhere special but often a nature trail is very nice.

Today, Paul and I walk along the sea walk in Gibsons, BC where we have a chance to see boats at the marina, ducks along the shore and even run into some friends (that didn’t want to be on camera).

This vlog is a little of my day-to-day happenings when I have a chance to pick up the camera. In the next part of the vlog, I share with you ocean views off my balcony and other sights in the area like the Gibsons Elementary School off in the distance.

Val vs a spider

Warning! If you’re an arachnophobe, don’t watch this video! Yes, you’ll see a spider. I’m sure those who love spiders and will comment the name of that spider that was hiding in my lawn chair. Good news, after a couple rounds of playing peek-a-boo between me and the spider, I won!

Quick trip to Vancouver

Also in the vlog, Paul and I make a quick day trip to Vancouver from the Sunshine Coast for a medical appointment. At the time of this video, travel was restricted to essential travel and a medical appointment is just that. We kept our trip uneventful, just going to the medical appointment and back. You might be bored or you might just enjoy the montage of BC Ferries video footage of our trip.

Taking a ferry ride is still a fun trip for me. All the ocean, island, and mountains sights along the way are just beautiful. We leave from the Langdale BC Ferries Terminal and cross Howe Sound while seeing Gambier Island, Keats Island, North Shore Mountains, Bowen Island and much more before arriving at Horseshoe Bay.

We pass through Vancouver so quickly but manage to take some video of a few streets and the Lions Gate Bridge.

After we get back from our day trip to Vancouver, you get to see an aerial view of the Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Mill in Port Mellon, BC. This is the lower part of the Sunshine Coast and yes the pulp mill can give the downwind area an odor. We periodically smell the pulp mill in Langdale and Gibsons too. Especially during shut-down when the wind is right or I should say not right!

Well hope you liked this little vlog. Just normal activities in one of Canada’s milder climate regions.

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