Francis Point Provincial Park on BC's Sunshine Coast

Three girls hiking!

I had some girlfriends come visit me here on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. They’re from Edmonton, Alberta (where I moved from) and we had a great few days of touring the Coast and catching up.

The hike we’re doing in this video is in Francis Point Provincial Park which is a hidden gem here on BC’s Sunshine Coast near Madeira Park. Most of the hike follows the coastline so there are views all along the way. Hiking along the ocean is just wonderful!

I’m not too sure if my girlfriends liked me GoPro-ing our outing! They were cute and did great!

Thanks Veronika! Thanks Janey! Thanks, my cottage friends!

We missed you Jenny! VJVJ

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Francis Point Provincial Park - Three Girls Hiking!

Footage was taken August 15, 2017 - uploaded September 20, 2017.

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Director/Producer/Editor/Camera: Val Labrecque

Assistant Producer/Editor: Paul Poulsen

Special Guests

  • Veronika Ruecker

  • Janey Seebaran

  • Anonymous cottage friends!


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