Hike in Gibsons - Low tide day! [VIDEO and MAP]

Easy hike in Gibsons, BC (more of a walk, really).

There's a residential neighbourhood in Gibsons everyone refers to as the Bluff. It's a hill at the edge of the Shoal Channel that from one side overlooks Gibsons Harbour and from the other, Vancouver Island.

Georgia Beach is a great little hidden spot on the Vancouver Island side of the Bluff. For most of the year, the water is high enough that you can't walk the beach from Georgia Beach to Gibsons Harbour.

HOWEVER, a handful of times each year, the tide gets low enough that there's a window of a few hours where you CAN hike all the way around the Bluff via the beach. This video was shot on one of those days.

Despite the overcast skies, it was a very nice spring day and a great day for a little walk where we were able to see a part of the Sunshine Coast that isn't often observable to those on foot.