Where to find beautiful Daniel Point Park

Fun little hike that takes you to the ocean

Daniel Point Park is found at 4190 Orca Road in Garden Bay, BC. This is in the district of Pender Harbour.

If you look up the park write-up on the Sunshine Coast Regional District site, it says it’s an “undeveloped beach access, 2.5km trail and approximately one hour of up hill.”

It’s actually a 20 minute walk to get to the point. It’s not difficult. There’s rock steps and some roots but nothing I’d consider difficulty. It’s not all up hill. It starts with a slight downhill, then some uphill, some level, some downhill. It’s great!


Here’s the link but don’t believe what you read! http://www.scrd.ca/daniel-point-park.

It's described as having a high level of difficulty as well as an hour of uphill but that wasn't our experience at all. The walk down (and back up) is rocky but well maintained. We took our time and it was only about 20 minutes to walk down to the water and a little longer to hike back up to where we parked.

We actually skipped hiking it once because of the one hour uphill note but when we came back to do it, we were pleasantly surprised how manageable the hike was and nothing like the description.

Enjoy exploring the park with Paul and I.

Thanks for watching, Val

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Daniel Point Park with Val Labrecque and Paul Poulsen

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