Rocking Chair

A poem by Valerie Labrecque

The moment is calm, sitting still on my rocking chair looking at the vivid green: the various vegetation in their spring growth.

I wait. They will come. They will spark that morning joy for me.

This is why I chose this view; the rocking chair spot that faces the lovely path – seen through my window.

If I sat on the sofa I wouldn’t see. I wouldn’t see, what will come to be.

It would be a connection lost. An opportunity missed. A different morning start.

But this morning I choose this view.

I need not wait long. Just like I’d invited her; like she felt my need for nature’s connection. She slowly walks by, along the path in my view.

No hellos are needed. No acknowledgments are needed. I feel the moment. I thank the moment.

Mama deer saunters by amidst the surroundings of green grass and shrubs. But there’s more. When she’s almost out of my view - I wait. There may be more. more touches in this moment.

Ahh yes! There are more. The one-year-old deer comes across the frame. It’s her turn to share this calmness and beauty and to come within my view.

This is a complete moment in time. A wholeness. A peaceful, joyful morning for each of us.

Together and separate. All at the same time.

It has come and gone. Or has it? This moment now lives with me.

I reflect on it. I smile. I notice, I am now gently rocking, on my rocking chair.