❄️ Snow in Gibsons?!

Say it ain't so!

Living next to the ocean means that snow days can be lazy days! I woke up to snow in my home of Gibsons, BC which is near the ocean. We are on the west coast of Canada where we enjoy mostly a mild coastal climate. In the winter we can periodically get a little bit of snow at lower elevations - Most of the time we can see the snow up in the mountains and enjoy green grass at sea level.

So with our snow day, Paul and I mostly stayed home the first couple days and caught up on work.

On day three it rained in the earlier part of the day, which helped to melt snow away.

Paul and I go for a sea walk. Walking is not just good for us physically but also helps with mental health. Gibsons has a nice path along the Pacific Ocean where we walked from Armours Beach to School Road. We saw motor boats, tug boats and sailboats. We passed by Gibsons Harbour Authority and checked out the ocean and Gibsons Harbour from the gazebo.

You’ll see snow footage in Gibsons in the first part of this video. It was snowing in our yard and on our ocean view balcony.

Then we do a lot of eating in this video!

We eat a couple meals at home. But also head to Wendy’s and then to Georgia Beach to have an in-car-picnic overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean. Later we hit up another food joint and pick-up pizza and pizza bread from Panago on Gibsons Way!

This video might sound boring but it actually moves along with fun music changes. Not to mention the handsome Paul gracing our presence with his remarks and comments. Sorry ladies, he is taken!

Also you’ll see a little bit of video of deer, coyote and bear that have been by the empty lot beside our home. By the way that lot will soon be a townhouse development. Maybe you’ll move here and be my neighbour one day! Thanks for watching,


P.S. You can be nice too and share your fries with the one(s) you care about!