Soames Hill and Beach

Beautiful views of Gibsons and Howe Sound! 😍

Living on BC's Sunshine Coast is SUPERB!

Soames Hill and Beach, that I’m sharing with you in this video, is an example of adventure spots for joys of life here on the Coast.

Thanks for watching, Val

P.S. Here are a couple links for more on Soames Hill Park.

About this video...

Main footage was taken May 4, 2017 - uploaded July 21, 2017.

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Soames Hill and Beach, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada with Val Labrecque and guest Paul Poulsen

Director/Producer/Editor/Camera Val Labrecque Assistant Editor Paul Poulsen

Music from GoPro Library: I Didn't Mean It-JP Forming New Habits-MG-JP On The Bridge Running Today-JP Looking In-JP

Cameras: GoPro Hero 4 Silver Lumix G7