Sunny day beach hangout

Val's Vlog #03

Paul and I are so lucky to be living next to the ocean on BC's Sunshine Coast! In this episode of my vlog, you get to tag along as me and my friend Donna go for a quick hike up Soames Hill. There are AWESOME views from the top of Soames Hill!

It's not an especially demanding hike and the views are SO worth the effort. Definitely one of my favourite things to do on the Sunshine Coast!

One of the things I saw from the top that was a little out of the ordinary were a bunch of sailboats in Shoal Channel. On my way back down, I went to Granthams Landing to check out the mountains, the ocean, and try to get a better look at the sailboats. Because I couldn't get enough boats, I made my way to Gibsons Harbour to check out the action from there. As it turns out, I was watching the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club enjoying the sunny day. Why bother living next to the ocean if you're not going to go outside and enjoy the water on a beautiful day!

All that walking made me hungry so I went home and picked up Paul so we could go for one of our infamous cheeseburger picnics. We get some drivethrough Wendy's food and then make our way to Georgia Beach, one of our favourite places next to the ocean!

The rest of the day was pretty lowkey. After playing tourist in my own town, Paul and I just hung out and talked about what it is we like best about living next to the ocean. He also shared his thoughts on why being a meteorologist is one of his dream jobs. He has the ability to oversimplify like no one I've ever met before! Thanks for watching,