Flying over Skookumchuck Narrows

"Fly N Lunch" at West Coast Wilderness Lodge

For Paul’s 40th (!) birthday, we flew up to West Coast Wilderness Lodge on a seaplane. It was Paul's first time in a seaplane and we were looking forward to this fun little flight! We were curious of what we'll see from the air.

Flying in to West Coast Wilderness Lodge

On the flight up to West Coast Wilderness Lodge, we met Amy and her dad who was visiting from England. They were also doing the in-lunch.

The views from seaplane were amazing! Flying over Sechelt Inlet, we saw Sechelt neighbourhoods like Sandy Hook and Tuwanek as well as some other places I didn’t recognize. There was so much to see! A fish farm. Boats and their wake. Islands. We saw Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet, and then the anticipated Skookumchuck whirlpools!

Skookumchuck Narrows

Skookumchuck is a Chinook first nations name, meaning strong water or turbulent water. Lucky for us the light was timed perfectly and we flew over Skookumchuck at an extra large ebbtide. A couple of years ago, we had hiked in the Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park to the viewing point and checked out the whirlpool action from there. Now, seeing it from above is so cool! As soon as we fly past the Skook, it's time to land at West Coast Wilderness Lodge.


Lunch at the lodge

There was a vehicle waiting at the seaplane dock to take us up the lodge. It’s a steep walk up and doable but when you’re visiting for lunch and not a hike, a ride up is nice to have.

Lunch was great and the setting was incredible! Service at the restaurant was first class and there was nothing not to like. When we were preparing for the trip that morning, we were a little bit concerned with the overcast weather but despite the cloud cover, it was still a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. If we were really picky, we’d say that having some sunshine would have been nice but even a rainy day is spectacular at West Coast Wilderness Lodge.

The flight back

Soon, lunch is over and it’s time to head down to the seaplane dock for our flight back. The Skookumchuck whirlpools have levelled off considerably since we first passed over but the views on the return flight are just as spectacular!

Our review

The fly-in lunch was awesome and we would totally recommend it. It was a perfect little adventure! Getting to fly into the lodge and experience a little float plane while doing some sightseeing was so fun!

West Coast Wilderness Lodge was very accommodating and polite and everything else you could ever want. And the food was delicious. The ride up from the dock was a nice touch and you just can’t beat sitting on that patio while marveling at the unbelievable views.

PS: Ignore my bad hair day! And it's driving Paul nuts that he didn't have one more button done-up. I guess when you're old you forget these things!

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