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Beach Access 17 [VIDEO and MAP]

Some of the best beaches on BC’s Sunshine Coast are hidden away and easily missed if you’re not looking for the “beach access” signs that dot the highway (or if you don’t have a handy-dandy map like we do - scroll down for a download link).

Beach Access 17 - Snodgrass

Man oh man, BC's Sunshine Coast rarely fails to impress. Take Beach Access 17 for example. This path to the water from Highway 101 and Snodgrass Road (heh heh... Snodgrass...) is amazing for a couple of reasons.

  1. You walk down to the beach via this twisty-turvy path through the a lush bit of forest. It'd be a nice (albeit short) walk through the woods even if there wasn't the payoff of ocean access.

  2. How ridiculously dramatic is it to walk out of the trees and to discover that you have this wide stretch of secluded beach all to yourself?! It's like the reveal in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

We're told that when the tide is out, this beach has some pretty nice sand but during our visit, it was all rocks, all the time. Not a big deal but make sure to wear something other than flippy-flops or your feet/ankles will hate you.

As you can see in the video, the water is crystal clear. The whole beach is absolutely gorgeous and on a clear day, there's no shortage of beautiful views.

We parked along Snodgrass Road and crossed down to the access point but there are a couple of hidden parking spaces on the ocean side of the highway. But be forewarned that road back up to the highway is fairly steep, even when driving. Be extra cautious when pulling back up onto the highway if you use these parking spots.

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