The Chief and Shannon Falls at Squamish, BC

Fun daytrip from the Sunshine Coast

For Sunshine Coasters, off-coast hikes like the Chief in Squamish are doable as a day trip.

My friends and I took the early ferry from Langdale and made the 40-minute drive on highway 99 to Squamish. We parked at Shannon Falls Provincial Park and hiked to the falls before continuing on to the connecting trails and to the Chief.

The Chief has three peaks and we hiked each of them! The first two peaks have spectacular views of Howe Sound, Squamish, and beyond. The third peak is a bit in the trees but there are still some rewarding views.

We started our hike fairly early from Shannon Falls (7:50am) and we were only the second car in the parking lot. By the time we were back down at 1pm, the parking lot was full with people driving around looking for a parking spot.

Going up the trail early, the trail wasn’t busy, but on our way down, it was a constant stream of people heading up.

The hike is all uphill! Lots and lots of steps. Nature’s stair-master! Pack lots of water (at least two litres per person) and dress for the the weather. And pack loads of snacks, too!

Enjoy this video! Enjoy your hike! Thanks for watching! -Val

P.S. Thank you to my two special guests; Veronika and Janey.

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  • The Chief, footage was taken August 16, 2017 - uploaded February 13, 2018.

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  • Director/Producer/Editor/Camera: Val Labrecque

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  • Special Guests: Veronika Ruecker & Janey Seebaran



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